Play Matches

Before you go on-court

Before you go on court make sure your sensor is charged up. You don't need your phone with you - the sensor will record your match and you can sync it later. But if you want your results there and then, take your phone with you and sync straight after the match.

Play your match

Just play your match as normal. You are not meant to know the sensor is even there. It will activate as soon as you start to play and record your data. All the warm up will be detected and removed from play before your stats are analysed. But there are things you can do to improve your accuracy, see Do's & Dont's.

After the match

Sync your data straight after the match if you like. The sensor will connect to the app as long as it is active - for about five minutes after the match - while the blue LED is flashing (briefly every five seconds or so). If the sensor goes back to sleep and you want to sync you can either wake it up by playing a shot or two, or by plugging it into the USB charging cable.

View your match stats

Select matches from the home screen once the sync is complete.

Browse your stats

Browse the three tabs at the bottom to see your match statistics.

Winners and losers

In the tactics tab you can swipe left or right on the section of the screen with the bars on it in order to move to the next quadrant. Or you can tap the quadrant on the picture of the court. If you tap again, it goes back the the whole court view. This section is perhaps the most difficult to understand, so see Match Stats for details.

What do the stats mean?

In the fitness and skill tabs, if you are not sure what one of the stats means, just tap it. You will go to the metric screen and it will show you a description of the metric with an idea as to how well you did compared to your own previous games. In a future release you will be able to measure your performance against others in your grade.

Turning the sensor off

You sensor will switch off automatically if it does not detect a shot for five minutes. If you happen to bang it (something that looks like it might be a shot) then it will stay on a little longer, but should eventually go back to its sleep state. It will then start looking for your next match to start. It can stay in this sleep state for up to 6 months before needing a recharge.

If you want to play again

If you want to play another match, or do a practice session in live mode, before the sensor goes into its inactive sleep state, then you must sync the data first or the sensor will count it as part of your previous match.