Release 2.4.2, 12/02/120

  • Added persistence for all practice data taken in live mode.
  • All practices swings are now kept and can be browsed with full drill down.
  • Improved the sensor connection handling and added menu item to represent sensor status.
  • Improved handling of sensor reset or replacement to avoid duplicate sessions being synced.
  • Removed audio output on feed shots.
  • Removed duplicate toast messages for sync results.
  • Unified text for both Android and iOS.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Release 2.2.0, 17/12/19

  • Added video clips of all shots for Nick Matthew in Live Mode.
  • Serial number presented if PIN entry is incorrect in case PIN is lost etc.

Release 2.1.10, 10/12/19

  • Reorganised Settings.
  • Added command to erase errors.

Release 2.1.7, 04/12/19

  • Bug fix for looping setup sensor if re-bonded to same sensor.
  • Sensor stability improvements.
  • Sensor improved error reporting (build number and boot cause).
  • Sensor reduced charging current: slower to charge but helps battery life.
  • Bug fix for sync hang at 0 due to corrupted error entry.
  • Sensor error handling and shutdown improved.

Release 2.1.6, 26/11/19

  • Sensor errors are reported back.
  • Replacing the sensor with the same sensor does not now reset the sync point.
  • Added a sensor command to force a firmware update.
  • Added a sensor command to shut down the sensor.
  • Added a sensor command to factory reset the sensor.
  • Match highlights only available after 10 matches played and now flag only the more extreme values.

Release 2.1.5, 18/11/19

  • Added Laura Massaro's pro data.
  • Supported backup on Android.
  • Fixed bug with wrong keyboard showing up in Android for some phones in match notes score.

Release 2.1.4, 04/11/19

  • Improved crash and error reporting via Crashlytics.

Release 2.1.3, 29/10/19

  • Improved winners/losers detection via longer pre-serve bounce gap.
  • Added Nick Matthews data as a pro player target.
  • Fixed bug with unknown sessions type for second session.
  • Sensor now handles larger values for impact speed.
  • Sensor now does improved calculation of head drop speed.
  • Sensor strike point detection improved to avoid spikes on impact.
  • Improved upper/lower bounds on metrics.

Release 2.1.2, 04/10/19

  • Bug fix for challenges updated at month end.
  • Added match notes.
  • Opponent name shown in match title if present.
  • Changed precision of some outputs to better support audio.
  • Changed live mode "shots" to "shot", to clarify that data is generally for last shot played.
  • Improved help text (audio now mentioned headphones).

Release 2.1.0, 26/09/19

  • Audio output added. Allows the player to work in live mode with the phone screen off and the phone in their pocket or in a holder, and use headphones to get immediate audio feedback about each shot.
    • Beep: Beeps on good shot.
    • Accuracy: Speaks the accuracy of each shot as it is played.
    • Description: Speaks a description of how close the shot was to the target value.
    • Value: Speaks the actual value being looked at for the shot.

Release 2.0.6, 23/09/19

  • Improved Live Mode UI with nested swipe rather than navigation buttons.
  • Added integration with SquashLevels.
  • Bug fix for missing/fixed target value in Live Mode Number Screen.
  • Improved Settings layout.
  • Unified highlight colours.
  • Added "load test data" command.
  • Added "delete all app data" command.
  • Moved over to ISO dates for persistence.

Release 2.0.5, 27/08/19

  • New simplified live mode screens.
  • Added summary live mode screen.
  • Live mode accuracy is now for last shot played.
  • Improved in-app help for live mode.
  • Easier to press navigation arrows in Matches and Practices.
  • Better instructions for PIN entry during setup.
  • Prompt to sync if user attempts to view matches and none have been played.
  • Removed "all sets" radar display.
  • Previous shot sets persist if live mode exited and re-entered.

Release 2.0.4, 13/08/19

  • Fix for android 6 support
  • Confirmation added for send log command
  • Bug fix for "no shots were recorded on this app" text wrapping.

Release 2.0.0, 18/07/19

  • Added "Compare to Pro" system: 20 different shot types supported.
  • Added live mode radar chart to see overall shape of swing relative to pro swing.
  • Added live model table to see swing features in order of worst-first to aid improvement.
  • Accuracy of each shot set presented.
  • Consistency of each shot set presented.
  • Shot sets can be played and stored.
  • Shots can be deleted if they are not wanted.
  • Targets based on Jesse Engelbrecht's shot data.

Release 1.1.2, 26/06/19

  • User can send in log file to aid debugging
  • Sync point is displayed in settings
  • Exit on error
  • Stability improvements.

Release 1.1.1, 24/06/19

  • Bug fix for crash when app is run but no sensor is set up.

Release 1.1.0, 21/06/19

  • Players can now set their standard in the profile: will be used when comparative metrics are in place.
  • Better text for PIN display
  • Player profile data validation
  • Added Firebase Analytics and Cloud Firestore: app reports errors via Firebase.
  • Updated Terms and Conditions.

Release 1.0.7, 2/05/19

  • Improved text in settings.
  • Stability improvements.

Release 1.0.4, 12/04/19

  • Improved Bluetooth stability
  • Setup sensor updates
  • Added firmware validation step
  • Increased scan duration
  • Scan continues during pause.

Release 1.0.3, 3/04/19

  • Changed Personal Bests to have average shot power not fastest shot
  • Added shot power to match stats.
  • Improved live mode test when no shots are recorded.
  • Restored missing time on court challenge.
  • Improved racket preparation metric.

Release 1.0.1, 19/01/19

  • Initial release
  • Match stats
  • Practices
  • Personal Bests
  • Achievements
  • Challenges
  • Live Mode
  • Profile
  • Settings
  • Setup