Practice Your Swing

Before you go on-court

Before you go on court make sure your sensor is charged up and take your phone with you.

Select Live Mode

Select live mode from the home screen. If your sensor is not yet active (because you haven't hit and shots yet) then you should see a message saying that the app is trying to connect to your sensor.

Choose a swing parameter

Choose the particular aspect of you swing that you want to look at. See Swing Stats for more details.

Play shots

Then just play some shots. As soon as you start to play the sensor will activate and start tracking your racket. Once activated the app will automatically connect to your sensor if it is in Live Mode.

See your swing data

Now each time you hit a shot the data for that shot is displayed on the screen. You can hold it in your other hand, or use it with your coach.

See a graph for all your data

If you swipe left you will swap from the number display to the graph display. Here you can play a number of shots without having your phone in your hand, then come back to the app to have a look at the graph of all your shots in that drill.

Reset or choose again

Then hit the reset button to have another go using a different technique, and see if you can get the values you are looking for. Or, choose a different parameter to look at. The drill data will be reset and you can start over again.

Look at your practice summary

The data for each drill is stored under the practices button on the home screen.

Sync to get your full stats

However, your data won't count against your achievements and so on until your practice session is over and you sync it.