Match Stats

There's a lot of data in the Racketware app! If you're not clear about the precise meaning of a metric, or want to know what your specific values mean, then here's something to help you make more sense out of it all.


Time on Court

This is pretty much the time you spend on court with the sensor, regardless of what you are doing. It measures the time between the first shot played and the last shot played, in one given session. In a match scenario, it will include the warm up and any shots played prior to the start of the match. Similarly, it will include any shots played after the match up to the point that the sensor turns off again and the session ends.

Match Duration
Play Ratio
Match Pace


Energy Used

An easy one this: it's the number of kcals (kilo calories) you burned during the match. We adjust for the strength of each shot, and the time spent in rallies and the accelerations experienced in the rallies. Then it is adjusted to your personal profile accounting for your age, gender, and weight.

When we add these up for your lifetime totals, we count them in mcals (mega calories) - where each mcal is a thousand kcal.

Effort Level


Number of Rallies

This is the number of rallies you played in your match. The warm up is not counted.

Rally Quality
Average Rally Time
Longest Rally
Rallies Won/Lost

Winners & Losers

All winners and losers are split into four court quadrants: backhand and forehand sides, front and back. Note: we are looking to add serves and receives as well.

All shots

A top level breakdown of the number of shots played forehand and backhand, front and back of court.

Won/Lost % Of Shot Type
Won % Overall
Lost % Overall
Ends % Of Rallies
All Shots


Number of Shots

The number of shots you played in the match. Warm up shots are not counted. Also shots played outside of a rally are not counted.

Shot Power
Shots Played
Racket Prep