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  • Play the warm up as you could normally. The sensor will detect that you are warming up and it will not count this as part of the match.
  • Bounce the ball before you serve - this will help the sensor detect serves and get your winners and losers correct.
  • Just play your matches as normal - you don't even need your phone. Just go on court and play. You only need to use the app to sync your data once the match is over.


  • Don't play shots that aren't valid. It's especially tempting at the end of a rally - say the opponents ball was out of court, or it was a double bounce - to play "the shot you wanted to play". The sensor will probably read this as a shot that's part of the actual rally, even though you know it's not.
  • Try not to play shots in between rallies. It's fine to pick up and bounce the ball etc. But hitting a shot can lead the sensor to think you have started a new rally.
  • Try not to hit the wall hard with the racket head. Of course, this happens to everyone in the heat of a match, but the less you can do it the better.
  • Don't use the sensor as an extension to the racket handle! It's not there to be gripped and used to hold the racket... if you hit a shot while holding the racket with the sensor you are likely to break the dock that holds it on.
  • Don't use Live Mode for a practice session, then immediately play a match! Once you go into Live Mode it treats the remainder of that session as a practice session. If you want to do practices and matches together (and also if you want to play matches back to back) you must SYNC your data in between.
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