How does your swing measure up? We’re working on a new feature for the next release to enable you to compare your swing to a pro (or anyone else for that matter). We’ve broken down the swing into ten phases/measurements and plotted them out on a spider chart. We’ve got comparison data already for 20 different types of shot.

This is me practising my cross court lob for example (mine is in red). It’s pretty easy to see that I have a big outage on the phase marked “followThroughShape” – where I’m clearly not lifting my racket properly after hitting the ball: confirmed by my coach during our coaching session where this data was recorded. I’m also doing too big a head drop during my preparation for the shot. So… lots to improve on here!

Really keen to get this idea rolled out soon so we can give players the chance to compare their swings for a whole bunch of different shot types. I’ve found it a great way to improve my game.