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Scroll down to see how Racketware can help you improve your squash.




Attach the sensor to your racket - or take it off if you don't want to include this session in your data.


Just get on court and play your match or do your practice or coaching session. We'll take care of the rest.


Live stream your practice data to your mobile for instant shot by shot feedback. Or sync all your data post match, for a full breakdown of your stats.


Discover your strengths and weaknesses, improve your stats, perfect your swing, and achieve your personal bests and personalised monthly goals.

What you get...


Match Stats

Get a full breakdown of all the stats for EVERY match you play. Fitness stats, skill stats and winners and tactics stats - with all your winners and losers. If you like, you can also record your match details - opponents, scores, comments - for use next time!


Compare to Pro

Learn from the best! Compare your swing in your solo practice sessions to a top professional (Nick Matthew OBE, and Laura Massaro) and see how you stack up. Ten different aspects of your swing compared to let you emulate the best in the business. Twenty different shot types supported, with lots of features to help you improve.


Audio Coaching

Solo practice with audio feedback: like having your coach with you on court. Get an immediate spoken output for each shot you play: choose four different settings from a simple "beep" when you hit a good shot, to actual values for all the live mode parameters, such as impact speed, cut, follow through and so on.


Progress and Goals

Keep motivated and track your progress with personalised monthly challenges, lifetime achievement tracking, and personal bests.

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