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 The first racket measurement device for squash.

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Clip the Racketware Sensor onto the end of your racket and it will automatically wake up and record your matches every time you play.

  • Collect stats on your matches, games and rallies.
  • Learn your winners and losers
  • Download to our App for more in depth analysis.
  • Complete drills and analyse the data to improve your game.



Here is the great part - it's so simple to get your data


Racketware have developed a secure easy to use attachment for the butt end of your racket. A slide on and click mechanism ensures you know when it is in place.


Racketware powers on automatically when you start a game. LED lights indicate that it is on, or that the battery is needing charged. Connect to your device if you would like live match stats.


Racketware tracks everything your racket does automatically, from power of shot, preparation time, follow through duration, and much more. Improve your technique with Racketware.


Post match, examine your data on your mobile device in detail, and learn where to improve your game. In time we aim to introduce a pro desktop version downloaded via USB.

Stroke Production

We tell you how you are hitting the ball for each type of shot: preparation, backswing, strike, and follow through. See what power and cut you are getting.

Personal Bests

We keep all your personal bests and achievements so you can track your progress.

Effort Level

Is your fitness up to scratch, or do you tire during play? We check how your effort level varies during the course of the match.


Winners & Losers

See what shot patterns are winning rallies for you, and which are losing!

Shot Types

We break down your shots in into forehand/backhand and straight/cross-court.

Calories & Activities

See how your time on court breaks down and how many calories you are burning doing each type of activity.

Monthly Targets

Each month there are targets to aim for in order to keep your game improving.

Social Media

With social media integration you can keep you friends up to date with your progress and challenge them to do better!

Match, Game, Rally & Shot Statistics

You get all the stats on your match play: from number of shots per rally, longest rally, number of rallies per game, and what shots are being played form where.


Racketware have bullet-proofed our hardware to last at least 3 years. With that comes a plethora of additional turbo-features to add as you develop with the sensor. In the meantime, this is what you will get in the first edition.


As you are playing a match you will be able to keep score, know how many games were played and the number of rallies. Perfect to understand if you and your partner are getting better


Did you win that rally using a forehand or a backhand? Racketware will keep track of your rally stats to show you how to beat your opponents or know your weak spots.


Now we are getting technical. Racketware tracks everything your racket does, from power of shot, preparation time, follow through duration, and much more. Improve your technique with Racketware.


The game of squash is getting really exciting, and we are proud to be one of the first to bring technology to the racket. However, with this great development comes great responsibility. Frankly, we need can't do it alone, we need you to help guide us towards the most important variables to capture and showcase.

If you have 2 minutes to spare, would you please click the link below and tell us what you would like us to measure during your games.


Paul Carter

England Squash & Racketball’s Head of Coach Development

"We have been very impressed by Racketware Limited's motion sensing technology and its application to squash. Providing detailed feedback on the player's use of the racket under actual match conditions will be extremely useful for coaches and players alike, and a great incentive for players to both improve their game skills and also to play more squash. We are very keen to see the technology developed further and hope to find a role for it within the Elite Squad."


Here is a quick snapshot of some of the circuitry and motherboard. A bit techy but hey, everyone loves to geek out a little bit 🙂


The future of squash is coming....

Racketware's unique Inertial Navigation software tracks your racket 500 times a second as you move around the court.


We envisage releasing this software update when we reach 1000 users, but we were too excited not to show you the working version below.

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FOUNDER: Dr Paul Mellor


With a first class honours degree in Electronic Engineering, and Ph.D. in Computer Science, Paul spent his early career doing in research at HP Labs. He went on to build and run a large development team working on 3G mobile for Lucent Technologies, before becoming CTO for Vicorp working in speech services. Now founder of Racketware, he specialises in sensor fusion, inertial navigation, and machine learning.


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